Make your Holidays (Pac)safe & secure! Pacsafe’s launches first limited edition collection designed to give you a stress-free lifestyle

20 Nov

The spirit of the Yuletide season is already in the air, and people are already gearing themselves for Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, it is also a time when pickpockets and bag thieves litter the streets and crowded places, expertly checking on unsuspecting or gullible passersby. The situation ends up with the victim helpless and despondent, his/her bag slashed and its valuable contents already given up for good.

Pacsafe, the leaders in smart anti-theft travel gear, recently launched their first limited edition Urban Holiday Collection, a line of fashion-forward bags that not only look elegant and sophisticated but also packed with safety and security features that will guarantee a stress-free and thief-proof holidays.

Each of these holiday premium collections feature a personality that speaks of Pacsafe’s anti-theft heritage while at the same time tells its own story through carefully chosen fabrics, hardware, detailing and construction. For example, masculine sophistication dominates the Metrosafe Tweed Collection, while understated elegance is woven into the Citysafe Herringbone Collection, exuding classic but strong feminine lines. Street chic gets energized with a dose of attitude and edge in the savvy Slingsafe Denim Collection.

The Metrosafe GII Tweed Collection blends old world style with a touch of contemporary gold premium hardware and innovative security features. These bags are designed for the stylish urbanite gentleman who gets about town with class, flair and charisma. Unafraid to stand out, he is open to embracing new cultures and creating new experiences. He is comfortable in his own skin and knows who he is. He travels the city’s streets on his own terms, therefore radiating confidence.

The Citysafe GII Herringbone Collection adds elegance and style to any outfit, designed for the sophisticated woman who always looks effortlessly graceful and composed. She holds her head high and walks with finesse and determination. She is in charge of her own world and never settles for less than perfect. The Citysafe GII Herringbone blends classic, luxe fabrics with antique detailing and practical, innovative security features, giving the Citysafe woman everything she needs to succeed.

The Slingsafe Denim Collection draws inspiration from the new generation, high-end lifestyle brands and gives it an edgy, individualistic street twist with attitude. Street-smart denim and nonchalant style meets clean lines to create an urban essential look for today’s contemporary underground subculture.

More than the style and the sophistication of Pacsafe’s Limited Edition Holiday Collection, all of these bags carry the trademark Pacsafe anti-theft features. These include:

  • Lightweight eXomesh patented slash guards that are built and concealed into these vulnerable areas to protect your gear from slash-and-run theft. Bag slashers often like to target the exposed side and bottom panels of bags, which cause valuables to fall out and eventually end up into their hands;
  • Slashproof Carrysafe straps are adjustable straps reinforced with a lightweight, flexible, high-tensile stainless steel wire which prevents opportunistic bag slashers from slicing through your bag strap and running off with your gear;
  • Smart ‘Turn & Lock’ Hooks are small smart devices that pack a whole lot of intelligence. The hook unfastens so that you can attach your bag to a secure fixture, be it the leg of a table or around a palm tree at the beach. What’s more, the smart hook has a special turning mechanism, which usually locks the hook into place, making it harder for a bag snatcher to make an easy getaway;
  • Smart Zipper Security concealed zipper clips make it difficult for crafty, opportunistic pickpockets to slide open your bag and steal your valuables. Hidden from view, thieves won’t know where to begin or how to get in. They also smartly attach to clips so if they get pulled, the bag won’t just slide open; and
  • the RFIDsafe is an innovative RFID-blocking material feature applied to pockets in Pacsafe bags to prevent identity thieves from stealing and downloading sensitive personal information from passports, bank and credit cards, based on the award-winning success of the RFIDsafe 50.

This Christmas, give yourself or your loved ones the best gift that will keep worries off about thieves or pickpockets. With Pacsafe’s limited edition Urban Holiday Collection, you guarantee yourself a (Pac)safe and stress-free Christmas experience!

Pacsafe travel gear and accessories are available in most major department stores like Rustan’s, SM and Robinsons and at all Travel Club and BratPack Stores nationwide. Like us on Facebook (Pacsafe Philippines) or contact United Limsun International Trading Corporation at tel. no. 921-9493.

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