HP introduces entry-level, web-connected solutions for Large-format Printing from Virtually Anywhere

22 Nov

HP unveiled the industry’s first web-connected, entry-level printing solutions for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) students and professionals, making in-house, large-format printing accessible to
more users.

Delivering large-format printing through the cloud from virtually anywhere, the new HP Designjet T120 and T520 ePrinter series provide on-the-go professionals with simple and affordable printing solutions. The compact, 24-inch
HP Designjet T120 ePrinter series is ideal for students and freelancers, while the 24- and 36-inch HP Designjet T520 ePrinter series is designed for small AEC teams in need of fast, professional printing.

HP also announced the second generation of its free web service for AEC professionals, HP Designjet ePrint & Share, which makes it easy to access and print large-format documents using an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, a
laptop or ePrinter touch screen.

“The economic environment has increased the number of freelancers and small studios, shortened project turnaround times and require AEC workers to be highly mobile, spending more than 50 percent of their time out of the office,” said Gido van Praag, Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Asia Pacific. “The expanded HP Designjet portfolio helps our customers stay connected where the job takes them and allows first-time, large-format buyers to easily and affordably bring their printing needs in house.”

“AEC workgroups need printing solutions that can handle a dynamic, collaborative work flow, allowing users to easily access, share and print important design content. HP’s new large-format printing solutions meet the evolving needs of our customers around the world, providing the connectivity, flexibility and efficiency today’s businesses require,” added Albert Mateo, Country Manager, Printing and Personal Systems

Solutions bring large-format printing in house for customers like ZELLNERPLUS

The smallest printer in its class, with a footprint of only 38.9 inches, the HP Designjet T120 ePrinter offers the benefits of two printers in one with a built-in B+/A3 tray and convenient front-loading roll. The printer’s intuitive, full color touch screen simplifies in-house printing and navigation for those new to large format.

Available in 24- or 36-inch models, the HP Designjet T520 ePrinter improves processing power and offers twice the speed and resolution of its predecessor. With 1 GB RAM and HP-GL/2 technology, the HP Designjet T520 ePrinter operates at up to 35 seconds per D/A1 print. Original HP inks and long-life printheads achieve accurate lines and sharp details with up to 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution for fast, professional results in house.

The HP Designjet T120 and T520 ePrinters are the only large-format printers available with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so users can install the printer where it is most convenient. True print previews from the new HP Designjet driver ensure accurate prints on the first try, resulting in time and cost savings when printing  from a computer.

“The new HP Designjet printing technology gives us confidence that when we need to produce high-quality drawings in time for a meeting, we can handle the job — it takes a lot of stress out of my work schedule,” said Peter Zellner, principal at ZELLNERPLUS, an HP Designjet T520 ePrinter beta customer, based in Los Angeles, California in the United States. “Now that I’ve seen how much the HP Designjet T520 ePrinter improves our daily design and build process, I can’t imagine working without it.”

HP Designjet ePrint & Share makes remote printing easier than ever The HP Designjet ePrinter portfolio features mobile access and printing of large- format plans using HP Designjet ePrint & Share.Available through a desktop web browser, mobile application or the touch screen of web-connected HP Designjet printers,(2) the latest version of HP Designjet ePrint & Share offers:

  • The ability to email projects to an HP Designjet ePrinter for printing. Users simply attach a PDF or other print-ready file to an email and send it to the ePrinter’s dedicated address.
  • Automatic, secure online print history through the new HP Designjet driver. With the online print history, users have access to their latest drawings and the ability to zoom in and reprint an exact copy in just few clicks.
  • Convenient file sharing using an automatically generated hyperlink for one- click access to any file in the print history.
  • Access to all FTP sites in one place. Users can access multiple FTP sites in one interface with one login, making it easy to view and print files when and where needed.

Award-winning printing portfolio

These new products extend HP’s Designjet award-winning portfolio for the AEC community, which includes the HP Designjet T790 PostScript ePrinter that was recently awarded the Summer 2012 “Pick” for Outstanding Wide-Format Small Workgroup Colour Inkjet Printer from Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI).A plug-and-play web-connected device, which provides the AEC community with the ability to easily access, share and print large format documents, the HP Designjet T790 PostScript ePrinter was recognized for its flawless reliability, professional PANTONE emulation and direct printing via USB port. It was also  lauded for enabling users to preview, print and scan directly to the web without using a computer and the ease of HP ePrint & Share, a printing and sharing  tool that allows designers in the AEC industry to easily locate and access large-

Commented Joe Tischner, BLI Wide-Format Printer Analyst, “HP is at the forefront in web-connectivity with the Designjet portfolio of wide-format ePrinters. Used in conjunction with the HP ePrint & Share utility, the HP Designjet T790 will enable team members to quickly realize the significant benefits in collaboration and time savings that weren’t even imagined only a few years ago.”

For more information on the BLI “Pick” Awards, visit news/viewarticle.asp?article=85582.

More information about the latest additions to the HP Designjet portfolio is available at and Videos and updates of the new products are available on Facebook at, on Twitter at and on YouTube at

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