Schneider Electric SCADA ensures safe drinking water during disasters

07 Jan

According to the Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA), industrialization, and population growth have worsened the quality of drinking water in the Philippines. Only 35 percent of water bodies nationwide can support life systems while only 3% of urban dwellers have access to efficient sewerage systems. Flooding also adds up to this problem, further murking the quality of drinking water—a threat to the health and safety of millions of Filipinos.

With monsoon rains and twenty typhoons hitting the country yearly, sanitation and wastewater treatment managers are hard-pressed to keep systems running even at minimal acceptable levels.

Help however is at hand. Schneider Electric (SE), the global specialist in energy management, works with water distribution utilities, businesses, and local government agencies by offering integrated energy-efficient solutions to help them manage water treatment systems. One of these solutions is the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or SCADA system.

SCADA allows control of field devices from a personal computer (PC) to help managers monitor and control water treatment facilities remotely— making the systems safer, more efficient, and more reliable while reducing their operation costs. Having an integrated solution helps ensure the availability of clean, safe, and potable drinking water for all especially in rainy seasons when floods disrupt water supplies.

“Schneider Electric has the unique expertise and the innovative technologies to improve water and wastewater systems in the country. We have the capacity to help optimize design and construction value while reducing operating costs. With our solutions, we can ensure energy-efficient and sustainable supply of safe water,” SE Country President Philippe Reveilhac says.

SE combines its expertise in various industries to create a system that will help secure the water treatment process every step of the way. By optimizing design and reducing power and energy loss, SE helps both Filipino managers and consumers benefit from a more efficient supply of clean water regardless of the weather.

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