Smart introduces new Family Circle Plans

17 Jan

Nowadays, people in general are in a rush: whether it’s catching the early train, hurrying for a meeting, or dashing to a late evening party, time is valued more than ever.

The same goes with modern day communication—sending text messages and posting updates online are now way easier, but when it comes to conveying emotion and a sense of urgency, nothing beats an old fashioned voice call.

“Filipinos are known to have very strong family ties, which is why Smart is proud to announce the new Family Circle Plans,” said Smart Postpaid Business Head Kathy Carag. “For as low as P800 per month, you and the people that matter to you the most can be connected 24/7,” Carag said.

Available in Plans 800 & 1200 and Plans 1800 & 2500, Smart Family Circle Plans come with three and four sequential postpaid lines, respectively, making it easy to remember phone numbers. All lines can be used to make unlimited calls under their respective calling circles.

Each line has a free handset and also gets a separate monthly bill and an individual credit limit, making it easy for all members of the Family to stay within budget.

Smart Family Circle Plan 800, for example, includes 3 unique mobile numbers with fully-consumable  allocations of P300 for the primary line and P250 for the secondary lines.

Meanwhile, Smart Family Circle Plan 1800 includes 4 unique mobile numbers with fully-consumable  allocations of P700 for the primary line P600 for the secondary lines.

“Now, there’s no reason to be out of loop. Live More by staying connected not only with Mommy and Daddy, but also with ate, kuya, or even your barkada!” said Carag.

For more information on Smart Family Circle plans and to view the list of available handsets, visit or visit the Smart Store nearest you

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