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French emergency telco group helps link up towns isolated by Pablo

In emergency situations, providing reliable telecommunications access to affected communities as a humanitarian response is as critical as the urgent need for food, water, shelter and medical help.
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Smart, Red Cross partner anew for Ati-atihan

The Smart-Red Cross first aid station located at the Pastrana Park grounds in Kalibo was a refuge for festival goers who are in need of medical assistance at the Ati-Atihan festival.

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) once again worked together during the Ati-atihan festival in Aklan, setting up first aid stations along the parade route.
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PDRF & Smart help build communities via organic farming

Participants shred vegetables to be used in the mixture
of supplementary feeds for organic farm animals.

Organic farming has been identified as a strategy to help in the rehabilitation of the Marikina Watershed.
This is why the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF) and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) have organized a comprehensive course on integrated natural farming, part of a series of training programs on livelihood conducted since last year for communities within the Marikina Watershed.

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Kaspersky Lab tops nearly 50 comparative tests in 2012 worldwide

Throughout 2012, Kaspersky Lab’s corporate and consumer security solutions have participated in over 70 different tests and studies by international research labs. In all of these tests, the company showed impressive results in close to 50 highly-respected independent tests.

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Beauty and wellness scion Cristalle Belo shares secret to success

For a person as busy as Cristalle Belo Henares, being able to wear different hats at the same time entails not only hard work, but also grace, inspiration, and the best technology tools.
Six months ago, Cristalle realized that she also had to depend on a reliable mobile service, in order to fulfill her many different roles and achieve as much as she can.

Cristalle, the right hand and only daughter of ‘doctor to the stars’ and mega-entrepreneur Dr. Vicki Belo, handles the brands Belo Essentials, Belo Men, and Belo Nutraceuticals. She is also involved in the marketing of Belo Medical Group and the company’s newest brand, Sexy Solutions.

But the busy executive is no stranger to multi-tasking. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs – her father Atom Henares has interests in power, palm oil, and media – Cristalle considers her early exposure to the family businesses as the best form of training.

“When you are involved in a family corporation, your business becomes so integrated into your life,” Cristalle shared.

A typical day to Cristalle starts at 9AM. Meetings, photo shoots, conferences, and other tasks involved in running an organization of about 400 employees plus a nationwide network of sales personnel and distributors, and exporters, take up the rest of the day. In the evening, she finds time to work out, or to catch up with friends and family.

“What I think I’ve acquired through years of practice is the grace to make time for everything, to be all of these things to so many people, all at the same time,” Cristalle shared.

Inspiration and motivation

Finding inspiration is also a priority to Cristalle, amid what seems to be a crazy lifestyle.

Cristalle picks up her mobile phone first thing in the morning and checks out Twitter to keep attuned to the pulse of the consumer, and to become inspired by social issues and key trends. “This helps me start and spend my day within the context of what’s happening with the rest of the world,” she said.

She also relies on Twitter, where she has more than 138,000 followers, to derive daily inspiration and motivation from people she admires, such as TV legend Oprah and Christian pastor Joel Osteen.

Social tools like Pinterest and Instagram also inspire Cristalle and encourage her creativity. “I am a very visual and creative person, and these apps on my mobile phone help me take beautiful photos, edit them right away, and share it with the worldkaagad,” Cristalle shared.

The right tools

Six months ago, Cristalle realized that apart from the hard work, grace and inspiration, she also had to depend on a reliable mobile service, in order to fulfill her many different roles and achieve as much as she can.

“I switched to Smart, because I knew that having connectivity would help me stay productive, and I knew that it wasn’t just about having good cellular signal, it’s also important that one has great data coverage,” Cristalle said.

Now, Cristalle relies on her mobile phone for email, she brings her documents wherever she goes via the Dropbox app, and she is able to engage in Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. All these help her shape the Belo beauty empire into a savvy digital marketing force, something which Cristalle considers another one of her many hats.

Moreover, “since I started using Smart, I had no more dropped calls. And better signal really matters to me since Belo products are distributed nationwide and I travel a lot to the provinces,” she added.

One particular story stands out to Cristalle, who is also an avid fan of immersion missions. “I recently went on an immersion at this isla-barangay called Tara, which is three hours by boat from Coron in Palawan. We were there to give solar panels and generator sets to the residents, because the island is so remote and off-grid.”

“I was really happy to know that the Smart signal there is very good, and even there I didn’t feel disconnected to the world — in an island that does not even have electricity, that’s amazing,” Cristalle shared.

Reliable network

When asked how the connectivity has affected her role as one of the leaders of their company, “I used to be so frustrated because a lot of times, I would call the key managers while they are in the executive offices, and they would have no signaltalaga… I ended up having to call their landline so I could reach them.”

For a person who values her time and productivity as much as Cristalle does, the frustration was a deal-breaker. “If you count all those minutes that I used to spend on being frustrated because ‘the subscriber cannot be reached’, that would amount to a great waste of valuable executive time,” she said.

“But it’s a different story now, because everyone in our company has switched to Smart,” Cristalle added.

With a smile, Cristalle equates the better mobile service to having “a better outlook in life”. “Since I am now on a very reliable network, I know I can count on it to get me connected to the people I want to get connected to instantly.”

Most importantly, the service enables the extremely busy lady to breeze through her day with a positive vibe. “Yes, being very productive means being very busy! But I love it, it makes me happy, and seeing something come out of it is priceless,” Cristalle ends.

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