The young and the wireless: the tech-savvy’s way to making it big 2013

06 Feb

2013 is a promising year for four dynamic individuals who, young as they are, have already displayed acumen in their respective fields. Energetic executive Jason Soong, upcoming marketing maverick Michael Concepcion, PR maven in the making Stephanie Henares and enterprising TV personality Gino dela Pena epitomize today’s upward and mobile generation who creatively fuses technology with their colorful lifestyles.

Considered as society’s movers and shakers in-waiting, all four are very optimistic right from the start of the New Year. They are set to broaden their horizons and face the challenges in their respective industries. And helping them cope with the rigors of daily activities is today’s must-have gadget that exceeds anyone’s expectations – the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Following his family’s footsteps, Jason speeds up in the corporate world as executive director of a luxury car dealership company. With meetings and presentations here and abroad, Jason needs to be in touch with colleagues all the time and have access to important emails wherever he may be. He also likes to catch up with friends and family even on-line every now and then. For 2013, he aims to make their brands stronger and admits that he needs to be more organized and up to date with business trends in order to achieve his goal.

The dashing and dapper Michael wears three different hats – one as a marketing student, one as a TV host of a lifestyle trendcast show, and yet another one as Japanese restaurant co-owner. Multi-tasking is his game and with a hectic schedule, he needs a device that can act as his planner, laptop, and mobile phone. Not to mention the fact that Michael also loves to play games and watch movies during his down time.

Coming from a family with artistic inclinations, Stephanie is filled with creative ideas that she needs to jot down her thoughts wherever she may be without the hassles of a bulky notebook in tow. As the public relations and social manager of one of the country’s biggest event places, Stephanie needs to be updated with the latest happenings and trends, and she loves to “write down” these details as opposed to “typing” them on a device.

Finally, Gino hopes to achieve twice as much this 2013. With a promising showbiz career and a growing business, Gino relies on a gadget that allows him to review his script, get in touch with his fans through social media, and monitor his financials. A laptop that can practically fit in his pocket is what Gino needs. And as he goes around town attending meetings or going to TV shoots, his gadget of choice needs to last through the day even on a single full battery charge.

With different needs to get them connected with their professional and personal lives, Jason, Michael, Stephanie and Gino find a common denominator in the groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy Note II. Touted as the first smart phone that encourages users to unleash their creativity, Samsung Galaxy Note II is packed with features that allows users to discover information quicker, express their thoughts freely and manage their tasks efficiently.

Powered by Android 4.1 Jellybean with a 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor, Samsung Galaxy Note II brings out the multi-tasker in the fab four. They can manage their day-to-day activities, catch up with important correspondences and even surf the Net to gather inspiration for a next project all at the same time without a glitch.

Its 5.5” HD Super AMOLED screen provides a phenomenal viewing experience with crystal clear detail – one of the features Michael likes the most when he gets serious with his gaming. It also comes with an Advanced S Pen, which is now ergonomically designed for a perfect grip giving users such as Stephanie a more natural and comfortable writing feel.

To make the smartphone experience more fun and productive, Samsung Galaxy Note II is equipped with the NFC-powered S Beam feature. NFC, which stands for near field communication, allows communication with other devices by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity. Utilizing NFC and Wi-Fi Direct, Michael can easily share video snippets of his upcoming shows to other devices without going through complicated steps to enable wireless connection. All he needs to do is put his Samsung Galaxy Note II back to back with another S Beam-enabled device like the Samsung GALAXY S III and his video is shared instantly.

Gino likewise takes advantage of the NFC-enabled features particularly the cutting-edge TecTiles solution. This yet another innovation allows users to switch phone settings, access applications, make a call and a whole lot more just by tapping their device to a Samsung TecTile. For someone like Gino who frequently checks in at his favorite spots in Foursquare, a simple tap of his Samsung Galaxy Note II against a pre-programmed TecTiles sticker automatically launches the app and lets him check in and update his social network status.  At the end of a busy day, he can switch his phone to silent mode through a single, easy step.

As Jason, Michael, Stephanie and Gino make a giant leap towards their goals for 2013, their Samsung Galaxy Note II keeps up with their mobile needs. Whether checking emails, creating drafts for an eye-catching presentation, organizing schedules or simply getting in touch with family and friends, their Samsung Galaxy Note II does all the work – and more – making it an indispensable mobile tool in helping them get closer to their aspirations.

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