A Romantic Destination Guide for You and Your Beau

12 Feb
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Prime your car before hitting the road

This season of love, escape the bustling city and go on a romantic weekend roadtrip with the man of your life. But before you drive off to your destination of choice, take a quick look under the hood and make sure that your car is in fine shape for the journey ahead. Leading automotive parts supplier Bosch Philippines shares 4 exciting drive-to destinations and some car maintenance tips and safety measures you should take to make your trip fun, safe and worry-free.

If you want an expert’s opinion on your car’s health before leaving the city, visit car service professionals at Bosch accredited car workshops around the metro. Bosch Car Service Workshops offer general mechanical vehicle repairs and provide expert, cross-brand service in the field of automotive electrics. Whether coming for a repair, a regular maintenance or a truthful vehicular assessment before your trip, Bosch Car Service Workshops offer personal and convenient services for your every need.

Isabelo Garden Restaurant, Marikina

Tucked away in the city of Marikina is a lush garden that’s perfect for an intimate meal. If you and your man are suckers for good food and great ambiance, let the Isabelo Garden Restaurant treat you to a homey experience that‘s sure to make the occasion. Isabelo’s dinner roll includes a slew of mouth-watering dishes that will make you and your beau feel nostalgic of grandma’s home-spun cuisine.

While en route to Marikina, make sure that you are out of harm’s way by keeping the brakes in tip-top shape. Increase the braking capacity of your vehicle by keeping its fluid at prime level, and be sure that the amount of fluid perfectly matches the vehicle’s system and needs. A quick pedal and hand brake inspection before revving up the engine will help you avoid road accidents.

Drop by the nearest BCS Workshops in the area, the Bionicwheels Service Center in Quezon City (Contact No: 02 9124917, 02 9124921) or the Eco-Tech Autoserve in Antipolo (Contact No: 02-6828156), on your way to or from Marikina City.

18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga

Spend a day in the air this season of hearts. Take a little adventure at the Clark Freeport Zone Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Whether you‘re with a special someone or with the entire family, this perfect weekend escapade will surely take your bond to new heights. Hit the road at daybreak to catch a view of colorful and creative hot air balloons or have an exciting ride on one yourself. The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta kicks off on February 21 – 24, 2013 at Clark Freeport Zone in Clark, Pampanga.

Skip the inconvenience of having your battery die on you in the middle of the freeway and make sure to inspect your car battery before making your way to the North Luzon EXpress Way (NLEX). Being the supplier of electric energy to cars, car batteries must have long operational life, faster recharging time and greater overcharge resistance. Made by the premium battery brand in 104 countries in the world, Bosch Passenger Car Batteries offer high product specifications and dependable power. The Bosch Battery S5 surpasses international standards set by original equipment manufacturers and provides safe and powerful energy supply even at extreme temperatures.

Check out the nearest BCS Workshops in the area, the Midas Pampanga Car Network (Contact Number: 045-9639309) and Autostar in Bulacan (Contact Number: 0044-8404062), for a quick car assessment.

Club Balai Isabel in Tagaytay

Pack up for a serene get-away to this lofty manor in Tagaytay. The cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere is perfect for workaholic couples looking for a well-deserved break. Club Balai is the nearest lodge to the Taal Volcano, making it an accessible stop for thrill-seekers. Why not go for a little hike up the countryside landmark? A quick backpacking session allows you and your beau to savor every bit of the scenery Taal has to offer.

While steering the wheel on the way up to Tagaytay, drivers must have a clear and extensive visibility. For the your safety and the safety of your fellow motorists, examine the lights of your car before heading to your destination. Fine tune the car lamp’s brightness and aim to effectively communicate with other drivers on the road.

Drive by Midas Car Network in Paranaque (Contact Number: 02-8240020) for some expert car advice before heading to the south-bound freeway.

Cubao X in Cubao

For those who aren’t planning to take a long straining drive, a trip to one of Quezon City’s most popular stops can make a good weekend celebration. Sneak away from the metro’s posh bars and clubs, and get a thrill out of the music and arts at Cubao X.

Cubao X is a modern community filled with energy and lip-smacking eats. It boasts of a growing culture fueled by the country’s famed and emerging artists. You may take a stroll and shop for trinkets in unique kiosks in the area. Enjoy good music and contemporary art while having a relaxed and easygoing experience. Cubao X’s great vibe will definitely seal the weekend on a high note.

Drive through the metro (and long traffic jams) with maximum performance by tidying up your car‘s oil and air filters. Roadside filth can contaminate the car oil and have an impact on the vehicle’s capacity, while a locked air filter will affect the vehicle’s air circulation in the engine. To avoid a driving nightmare, be on the lookout for any signals of damaged filters.

Stop over any of the nearest BCS Workshops in Quezon City, including Top Gear Auto Service Center, Inc (02-7217893) and Bionicwheels Service Center (Contact Number: 02-9124917) for a quick car assessment.

A well-maintained vehicle can guarantee a pleasant driving experience. BCS Workshops bring quality automotive tune-ups and maintenance. From tires to car control systems, Bosch offers solutions and engineering expertise accessible to every motorist in Manila. Check out any of the BCS Workshops before you and your love tread the road ahead.

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