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08 Apr

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the new era of modern apps has left users insatiable for the best computing experience. The demand for premium apps is propelled by the presence of multi-touch devices, cloud-based services and social media connectedness. In effect, businesses are always on the look-out for software that exhibits compelling performance of speed, cost-efficiency and cloud-connectedness translating opportunities to their significant advantage.

Seeing through this phenomenon, Convergys Philippines has recently leveraged on Microsoft’s newest breakthrough technology—the Visual Studio 2012—to cope with the challenge and demands of an app-centric environment. The newest version of Microsoft’s flagship integrated development platform, Visual Studio 2012 is used to develop web sites, web services, consoles, graphical user interface, and apps. With this re-imagined platform, Visual Studio 2012 permits Convergys to transform its productivity to new heights to deliver the best computing results.

“Visual Studio 2012 has a whole new way of delivering the most efficient and the most productive code handling to programmers and software developers,” said Novie Rosales Conson, Technical Support Specialist at Convergys Philippines. “It has now the ability to support development on the latest platforms with advance lifecycle tools to make it easier for teams to produce value continuously. It never fails me to deliver top-of-the-line program handling and structuring that is way beyond excellent.”

Aimed at saving the developers’ valuable time and cost, Visual Studio 2012 reduces cycle times, eliminates impediments and allows partnering with other visual studio extensions.

Conson continued, “The new version of Visual Studio enables developers to work at desired speed because the platform makes the job a lot simpler. For instance, if we have existing visual studios, we can partner and integrate it with them to process monumental load of data. It also lowers the number of cycle times and trims down software processes so that we can have more time focusing on other important areas such as designing and adding more features to our webs and apps.”

Visual Studio 2012 is built in the cloud to help Filipino developers and businesses turn their ideas into apps, and meet the high demands of the digital age.

“Visual Studio 2012 is one of our biggest groundbreaking technologies to help businesses and developers of today to craft the apps of tomorrow. It is built in the cloud so that users can have the best apps experiences, wherever they are and whichever device they own to improve their day-to-day personal and professional lives,” said Karie Ilagan, Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines. “Visual Studio 2012 is a testament that Microsoft is devoted to equip our partners to successfully face the challenge of today’s IT that is about mobility, social, big data and the cloud.”

Start developing the next big app with the all new Visual Studio 2012 that is:

Mobile. With .NET, app development is mobile than ever, suited across multiple devices such as phones, tablets, and other small screens. For web development, Visual Studio 2012 gives better publishing tools and full support for emerging standards, like HTML5 and CSS3, as well as the latest advances in ASP.NET. Debugging is now a lot easier with the Page Inspector by interacting with the page being coded, right in the IDE.

Built in the Cloud. Developers can now have fast access to virtually unlimited servers in the cloud with the ability to expand storage and computing power. Visual Studio 2012 is coupled with great tools for taking apps to Windows Azure which includes new publishing options, support for distributed caching, and a lower install footprint.

SharePoint-friendly and Simple. Major improvements for SharePoint, including new designers, templates, and deployment options are available. Several ALM features upgrades for SharePoint like performance profiling, unit testing, and IntelliTrace will empower developers than ever. They will also thank the new capability called LightSwitch which enables the creation of line of business applications without having to write a lot of code.

Compatible with Windows 8. Visual Studio 2012 provides new templates, designers, and testing and debugging tools compatible with Windows 8. Blend for Visual Studio gives a visual toolkit for taking full advantage of the beautiful Windows 8 interface. It keeps with the premise of Windows 8 by delivering fast, fluid and seamless user experience by enabling developers reduce cycle times, eliminate impediments and partner other visual studio extensions to create better applications faster.

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