Globe moves to optimize brand new network

10 Apr

Advancing 2-year capacity with more fiber optics

The network modernization program of Globe Telecom that will transform consumer mobile experience has reached a critical milestone.  All of the company’s cell sites nationwide have been replaced with the newest state-of-the-art equipment.

“The first phase of the modernization is practically done.  We have immediately moved to the next phase of optimizing our new equipment for maximum performance,” declares Emmanuel Estrada, head Network Strategy of Globe Network Technology Group. “This concludes the modernization of our access network.”

An access network refers to the last mile or the final stretch radio frequencies must travel between a subscriber’s mobile phone and a service provider’s network.

Estrada explained, “In parallel, we are aggressively transforming our transport and core network elements to yield the best possible customer experience. Like all systems, a network is only as strong as all its elements combined and working harmoniously.”

A transport network refers to the facilities that relay the signals from the cell sites of an access network. These are then moved to the core network where the heavy processing takes place, as what would be required for service subscriptions or billing, for example.

“We invested USD700M in a complete network modernization program. We are putting in a brand new access, transport, and core network,” says Estrada. “This is not a superficial facelift. The antennae and towers that most people see are the access components. Then there are underground and aerial fiber optic cables for transport. Finally, there’s switching and routing equipment at the core. We expect to complete modernization of the last two network elements this year.”

“To radically improve our network performance and our customers’ experience, we need to replace more than cell sites. To date, we have laid down over 6,000 kms of additional in-land fiber in anticipation of higher traffic from mobile browsing and data usage.  We have also completed our submarine fiber optic cable links in Boracay and Palawan.  Also, 54% of our sites are already running on 4G HSPA+.”

In the first quarter 2013 NTC benchmark tests, Globe successfully surpassed the mark set by the regulator.   Globe has shown progressive network improvements in the NTC-led benchmark tests, its own in-house network quality tests, and based on results from an independent study on network perception.

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