LG offers Eco-Friendly Cooling Solutions for Summer

23 Apr

Sarah Meier highlights the cooling benefits of LG’s Inverter V air conditioner at the LG Smart Home Appliances and Home Entertainment launch

LG Electronics (LG) helps alleviate the grueling heat wave this summer with its newest Split Residential Air Conditioner (SRAC) with its advanced Inverter V technology.  This premium model comes in a stylish and seamless design and ties together fully-functional features that result in overall comfort and convenience.

Ensuring energy savings up to 69%, the LG Inverter V Compressor is ideal for hot summer days in which air conditioners are essential for long periods of time.  Together with its excellent and reliable cooling capability, the AC provides clean freshness with its 3M Micro Protection Filter.  Its Plasmaster Ionizer grants health benefits to users as two million ions sterilize not only the air going through the device, but also surrounding harmful substances.  This system is further enhanced by the Plasmaster Auto Cleaning and Plasmaster Skin Care components.

Noise from an air conditioner can get in the way of one’s relaxation, but LG spares users from this disturbance with its Inverter V AC.  This model guarantees complete silence of as low as 19dB.  It also provides Optimized Cooling, which delivers a quick cooling operation so that users can immediately be relieved of the scorching weather outside.

The LG Premium Inverter V AC presents a well-designed package of complete cooling solutions. It is able to reduce the burden of steep electricity bills without compromising its cooling and revitalizing capacity.  On top of this, it offers a ten-year warranty.  Granting energy efficiency, convenience, a sanitized environment, and health for users, LG’s Inverter V Air Conditioner projects itself as the Smart choice of air conditioners, just in time for summer.

For more information about the LG Smart Appliances series, visit or, like LG’s official Facebook page “LG Philippines”, or follow LG on Twitter or Instagram using the hash tag #LGPhilippines.

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