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Make your Holidays (Pac)safe & secure! Pacsafe’s launches first limited edition collection designed to give you a stress-free lifestyle

The spirit of the Yuletide season is already in the air, and people are already gearing themselves for Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, it is also a time when pickpockets and bag thieves litter the streets and crowded places, expertly checking on unsuspecting or gullible passersby. The situation ends up with the victim helpless and despondent, his/her bag slashed and its valuable contents already given up for good.

Pacsafe, the leaders in smart anti-theft travel gear, recently launched their first limited edition Urban Holiday Collection, a line of fashion-forward bags that not only look elegant and sophisticated but also packed with safety and security features that will guarantee a stress-free and thief-proof holidays. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pacsafe Protection for Women

For women, a lady bag that is most reliable and convenient to have is what her life is all about. It carries not only her daily essentials and valuables; it is also a repository of good memories and stuff that makes her happy and fulfilled. Inside that bag may be her favorite perfume or lipstick, the ring her husband gave on her birthday, or her mobile phone containing her most favorite songs and digital pictures of family & friends. The loss of that precious pouch is not only a physical loss, but also the loss of the many things that she treasures most.

That is why Pacsafe, the most reliable brand of thief-proof bags and accessories in the market today, has come up with special features on their latest generation of stylish and fashionable women’s bags. They are designed not only to safeguard a woman’s most precious valuables but also keep her security and confidence intact as she tends to her daily activities and commitments. Pacsafe bags are especially designed to keep her valuables safe, organized and easy to find.

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