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APC Appoints New Country General Manager for Philippines

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power, cooling and management services, has appointed Philippe Reveilhac as Country General Manager for the Philippines. In this role, Reveilhac will be responsible for leading the local team to drive growth for the company in the Philippines, and to further strengthen APC’s position as a trusted advisor to businesses looking for innovative and energy efficient solutions for their data centers, server rooms and even wiring closets.
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APC by Schneider Electric Wins Green Enterprise IT Award from Uptime Institute

APC by Schneider Electric announced it was selected as a winner in the Energy Efficient Products category of the 2009 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards, presented by the Uptime Institute and co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. Award winners were announced at a ceremony at Uptime Institute’s 4th Annual Institute Research Symposium: LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN, in New York City. Thomas L. Friedman, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist and best-selling author delivered the ceremony’s keynote address.

The GEIT Awards honor companies that have made significant strides in creating reliable, sustainable and energy-efficient data centers. APC’s InRow® cooling products with active response controls and integrated thermal containment was selected as a winner for its innovation and leadership in driving sustainability initiatives.
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APC Introduces its Next Generation NetBotz® Security and Environmental Monitoring Solution

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power, cooling and management solutions, recently announced the next generation of its market leading NetBotz® Security and Environmental Monitoring products. Major enhancements to the product line include improved camera and cabling support, Power over Ethernet support and improved industrial design. NetBotz is a family of network-accessible appliances that detect and alarm on human activity which may threaten the availability of your network-critical physical infrastructure. Scalable from small network closets to large data centers to enterprise-wide deployments, the modular design allows for custom camera configuration, including CCTV integration.

Answering customers’ needs for better camera resolution and easy and flexible deployment options the next generation of NetBotz products delivers the following major enhancements:
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APC by Schneider Electric Continues to Protect CIGI’s Power Supply Needs

After nearly a decade, Consolidated Industrial Gases, Inc. (CIGI) continues to rely on APC’s InfraStruXure® solution and core products to ensure continuous power of the manufacturing operations in various locations throughout the Philippines.

CIGI is the leading manufacturer of industrial and medical gases for the local industries such as manufacturing, fabrication, construction, steel, automotive, shipbuilding, mining, healthcare, and food and beverage.

CIGI operates 2 major production sites as well as a nationwide network of 35 Gas and Gear Centers.
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APC Smart-UPS Beyond Barriers

In this day and age of technology, no business can survive without proper service protection and technical support. Businesses which lack the equipment to keep an office running in the midst of a typhoon and the constant power outages that it brings will find many work hours wasted. When business gets backed up due to power or equipment failure, money can’t buy back the time that was lost.

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services provides the right protection against factors that cause downtime in the workplace, whether it is for a small, medium or large scale corporation, or for home use. APC products also provide preventive tactics for data loss, hardware damage, and power problems – all of which significantly affect work productivity. APC concerns itself with providing quality support for network-critical physical infrastructure solutions, specializing in sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.

The effects of equipment failure due to power interruption can be fatal to your gadgets. Malfunctions that could occur include keyboard lock-up, complete data loss, hardware degradation, and damaged motherboards, among others. APC’s Smart-UPS product line allows your computer to switch to emergency backup power mode, which gives your computer enough power for you to breeze through your workload during brief power outages, or allows you to properly shut down your unit in instances of prolonged power failures. In addition to this, the Smart-UPS system also protects your computer from damaging power surges. Other products also provide enough back-up power to keep your basic business appliances running.

APC takes its corporate mission to satisfy valued clients to heart. In a collective effort to show how important customers are to APC, it launches its “Smart-UPS Beyond Barriers” campaign, which aims to prove that no home and business environment should ever need to suffer the inconveniences of power failure with the help of proper back-up equipment. With the purchase of selected Smart-UPS units, APC’s Service Warranty Upgrade provides an additional year to the standard 2-year warranty for a total of 3 years service warranty, along with a round-the-clock (24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week) response time made available nationwide.  In addition, a 4-hour response time is available for units deployed within Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

Since APC’s main concern is to keep its customers happy and problem free, all clients have to do is to complete a warranty application form found in their newly purchased unit and submit it to the APC main office or accredited APC resellers. Completed warranty forms may be submitted to:  Service Department, APC by Schneider Electric, 20th Floor, PET Plans Tower, 444 EDSA, Makati City, 1200 Philippines.

Forms may also be submitted via FAX to (632) 8996551, Email: and Online: , enter keycode:  45990M

For further inquiries, please call Olive Tolentino or Mary Garcia at 8996690 local 8231 & 8241.

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APC supports De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in educating next-gen leaders

APC recently implemented an energy-efficient UPS system solution for the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in support of the college’s bid to provide continuous excellent service to its faculties and students. The UPS system solution also aims to protect data in case of any power interruptions.
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) is one of the top educational institutions in the Philippines offering a range of degree programs in deaf education and applied studies; design and arts; hotel, restaurant and institution management; management and information technology; and professional and continuing education.

“It’s great a privilege and an honor for APC to have a prestigious partner in the education industry such as De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde,” said Didier Chalumeau, APC Country Manager. “Many of the country’s successful leaders and businessmen graduated from this college and we support this pursuit by providing the best solution to continue to educate the next generation and the new breed of leaders.”

Efficient Technology = Effective School Systems
Many of the school’s learning resources and student support systems and services are largely dependent on technology for ease and speed of use.

For instance, the Br. Fidelis Leddy Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a repository of multimedia resources—from conventional printed materials, to other forms of storage media, such as audio/video tapes, transparencies, compact discs, and electronic/online databases. This resource provides students as well as other members Benildean community the informational, instructional, and recreational resources.

The DLS-CSB also subscribes to an online electronic journal called ProQuest 5000 International. This e-journal has more than 29 databases containing almost 16,000 journals, and is accessed through computers in the LRC offices inside the College and in student’s homes. Other school databases are also accessed by current students and employees through the College Intranet.

Because of this dependence on technology, the school cannot afford to suffer any downtime.

“Downtime in any business component, especially in IT infrastructure and applications can be devastating to a company’s bottom line,” said Emerson E. Siscar, head of External Operations Group at the DLS-CSB. “In the school, the opportunity for learning is as valuable as revenue. Learning operations should be available when needed.

Siscar added that “aside from learning operations, our administrative systems, like the online enrollment system, is also technology dependent. We cannot function efficiently without an efficient data center services.”

The school also operates an IT center which offers various technology services such as wired and wireless internet access at home and in school. Under this service, students, faculty and other employees are given their own domain and email account, and enjoy miscellaneous services such as laptop lending, printing, scanning, CD-writing and many other IT services.
“Our data center is an integral part of the college and plays a vital role in the business strategy,” said Siscar. “We capitalize on technology to provide the school with a competitive edge over other tertiary education providers. The data center’s availability and technology sets allow the college to support various learning methodologies and research capabilities to keep the college on top.”

Eliminating DC Downtime
Because of this enormous challenge and in the bid to maintain its services among the best, DLS-CSB was faced with the challenge of providing continuous power supply, cooling and data security to the technology users.

In the past, these key technology concerns were not properly addressed. Siscar reports that the data center relied on individual online UPS units for each machine, resulting in high component failure. Cooling and physical were concerns as well.

The network administration team was well aware that if their system fails, business will definitely come to a halt, most specially at critical times such as enrollment, paper-submission deadlines, or during examinations. “The loss may not just be in the monetary aspect but will also hurt the prestige of the school. We are known for our quality and advanced facilities so certainly we cannot afford to have system downtime.”

The school needed to choose the best technology provider to stay competitive and maintain its stature. This critical need pushed DLS-CSB to look into American Power Conversion’s (APC) power, cooling and security solutions. DLS-CSB requested APC to assess the school’s requirements. Key concerns identified were more on business continuity, a solution that required reliable and consistent-back-up power and a consolidation UPS solution.

DLS-CSB believes that APC helped the school save time and resources by eliminating data center (DC) downtime and eliminating component failure due to power concerns.

For this, APC offered the InfrastruXure (ISX) system, designed specifically for high-density applications. This system, which integrates power, cooling, management and services in a rack-optimized architecture, addresses NCPI challenges such as hot spots, cooling problems, unknown data center capabilities, requirements for oversized NCPI or special environments, and the need to slow technology adoption because of deployment challenges.

“ISX provided the school with intelligent software that commands our machines to automatically shutdown when necessary. It also resolved our immediate issue of consolidating and stabilizing the power requirement. Now, we simply plug our machines into the DC.

Ensure Peace of Mind
This is not the first time that DLS-CSB has deployed APC’s solutions. In the past, the school had already implemented the Symmetra solution. However, its speedy growth from a community school to a full-pledged college, as well as the rapidly changing technology needs, called for more drastic changes.

“We definitely needed the Symmetra then. But now, we find that the ISX solution addresses our consolidation needs and provides reliable power. The ISX is so scalable that it allows us to maximize our investments because we can still rely on it while our needs expand,” Siscar added.

Moving forward, plans are to grow the data center further as technology changes. “The growth of space, applications, power, and services in the data center will continue to evolve. Since the expansion of the institution will require IT to provide better services, the data center will be a primary evolution integrator for the School.”

The school is also quite impressed with the APC team who are willing to go beyond the call of duty just to ensure everything is running smoothly. “People worked around 1 a.m. to fix and have everything back to normal. They never leave the site without confirming that the system is okay”.

“It’s quite an investment, but APC has given us peace of mind.”

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APC-MGE Receives 2007 Global Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award

APC-MGE, part of the critical power and cooling services business unit of Schneider Electric, announced that it received the 2007 Global Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award from global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan. This honor is based on a number of criteria, including market share growth, quality product performance, manufacturing capabilities, technological skills and the effectiveness of distribution channel partners.

APC-MGE’s uncompromising research and development efforts have produced highly-efficient end-to-end solutions for data centers that address back-up power, cooling and infrastructure issues. The award honors APC-MGE’s unparalleled excellence in the data center solutions market by addressing the most fundamental and evolving needs of customers.

“For the past seven years, APC-MGE has consistently increased its revenue share and mindshare within the data center market. Their success is a combination of customer-centric power and cooling solutions and the execution of successful strategic industry alliances,” said Farah Saeed, senior consultant with Frost & Sullivan. “By advancing the progress of data center solutions in efficiency, design and scalability, while continuing to exceed the latest application requirements, they are a true leader and a worthy recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award.”

Another factor cited in APC’s selection was the company’s exceptional customer service and customer loyalty levels. The company has the exceptional expertise to identify market needs and changes while executing innovative strategies within the existing competitive landscape.

“We are delighted that Frost & Sullivan chose to recognize APC-MGE’s success in both data center product innovation and company performance,” said Laurent Vernerey, APC-MGE’s president and chief executive officer. “With the investments we are making today, we are positioning APC-MGE for long-term success in our traditional markets, as well as within the data center and enterprise space.”

In order to select the award recipient, analysts quantify several market factors for each market participant according to predetermined criteria, paying close attention to their combined operations. This process includes interviews with all market participants, customers, and suppliers, along with extensive secondary and technology research. The companies’ efforts are then analyzed based on the number of new customers, new segments, and commitment to business expansion together with market growth. Industry participants are then ranked based on predetermined measurement criteria.

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