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BenQ Launched End-user Raffle Promo

BenQ, leading provider of networked digital lifestyle, offers unrivalled breath and depth of products and integrated technologies across platforms through the brand promise of “Bringing Enjoyment to Life”. BenQ never stop in proving quality and innovative product for its clients.

BenQ is the No.1 vendor for DLP based projectors in the Asia Pacific region in 2009, Q1 and Q2 in CY2010 confirmed by Futuresource Consulting, market specialists in visual display for over 14 years. It also Ranked #1 in the Short-throw segment in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa Market in 2008.
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BenQ Adds the World’s First 18.5”W LED Monitors to its“Green” Display Lineup

Global provider of digital lifestyle devices, BenQ, continues to forge ahead in the LED display revolution with the introduction today of the 18.5” LED monitor G922HDL (16:9), which is the world’s first LED display in the 18.5” W segment.

Compelling price point, solid performance, economical screen size, and boasting the lowest power consumption rating in its size categories, the new models appeal to cost- and eco-conscious corporate users who appreciate the BenQ G922HDL’s mercury-free, energy-efficient engineering.

The BenQ G922HDL contributes to what will be a comprehensive LED lineup to be launched now through 1Q 2010.
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BenQ Projectors Lead in Central and Eastern Europe, Win Top 3 in Latin America

With a wide array of innovative product offerings and successful marketing strategies, BenQ Corporation’s projectors are gaining strong momentum in the emerging markets especially in Latin America*1, Central and Eastern Europe.

According to market researcher Futuresource Consulting, BenQ’s projector market share rose to 15.9% in Latin America in the first three months of the year, up from 11.1% of the same period a year ago. The expansion in share is remarkable considering the total market size was down 15% the same time. BenQ was ranked No. 2 in Brazil and Mexico, with a share of 17.94% and 23% respectively, the figures show.
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BenQ Ranked #1 in the Short-Throw Segment in Asia Pacific*1, Middle East and Africa Markets

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, – BenQ Asia Pacific*1 reported today on fourth-quarter results for its projector business. These results showed in the Asia Pacific region (exclusive of China and Hong Kong), the Middle East and Africa, BenQ was number one in short-throw segment with 36.5% market share; BenQ in 14 countries clutched top spot including Japan, a highly demanding and competitive market.

BenQ ranked also first in the DLP segment within this region through the year of 2008 according to the Futuresource Consulting.
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ASUS Triton 81 CPU Cooler Supports Latest Intel LGA 1366 Chipsets

With the advancement of computational and processor power comes a worry that each user has to face—overheating. To combat this problem, ASUS has launched the new ASUS Triton 81—the latest member of the Triton family of highly effective thermal solutions. Capable of supporting powerful Quad-Core™ processors as well as the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA 1366), it is equipped with an exclusive 4-way airflow heatsink design and dual-fan technology for highly efficient CPU cooling; while a diamond-blue LED provides aesthetic appeal for DIY and overclocking enthusiasts.
Unimpeded 4-way Airflow Design for Impressive Overclocking
The Triton 81 utilizes an exclusive 4-way airflow heatsink design to create an unobstructed passage of air circulation; and together with 4 U-shaped copper heatpipes for the most efficient heat transference, delivers ultimate cooling performance for a myriad of processor intensive applications and modifications.

Dual-Fan Technology for Maximum Airflow
Equipped with a diamond-blue LED with dual 90mm fans, the Triton 81 provides an effective channel of airflow to the system, delivering vital thermal protection for stable operations. Despite its powerful performance, the Triton 81 is a relatively silent yet effective performance component—running at a mere 18 dBA with its built-in PWM function, which automatically adjusts fan speeds according to the CPU’s temperature for an optimal operating environment.

Up-to-date Application
To keep up with both current and future gaming and processor technologies, the Triton 81 is also able to support multiple applications—and with support for the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA 1366), DIY and gaming enthusiasts the world over will be able to easily utilize it to help push the potential of their computers faster than ever before.

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Great Things Come In Short Distances

Space has always been a challenge. Up until now. With the release of the stylish BenQ MP512 ST, short-throw projection is now possible for both business and pleasure.

BenQ Short-Throw Technology
Equipped with a special aspherical lens adopted by BenQ, the short-throw (ST) projector line only requires half the projection distance of traditional projectors.
With its short-throw ratio lens precisely calculated and positioned, the MP projectors are able to deliver large-screen projection in tight spaces without jeopardizing picture quality.
And Stylish Too?
Aside from the ST feature, the MP512 ST is also built to please the eyes. The full-bodied design of this desktop projector – the extraordinary posterior, the barrel shaped lens and the one-of-a-kind leaflet cooling vents – shows how the designers at BenQ’s Lifestyle Center work towards integrating function and style, bringing total visual enjoyment to everyday life.

The Good Things that Come in Short Distances
– Zero Space Constraints
Just imagine the freedom of having the same projection quality with half the required distance! Users have better flexibility in choosing projection locations.
– Zero Eye-Blinding Lights
The shorter projection distance keeps the projector light from shinning directly into the eyes, allowing users to keep your focus on their audience.
– Zero Disruptions
Wave goodbye to the shadows that often interrupt presentations. With a projection distance this close, users and their audience can move freely without worrying about between the projector and the screen.
Think Outside the Box! There Is So Much More to Projectors than You Think!

Toss all the projection space stereotypes aside. It’s time to take in a brand new perspective now that there is no need for a big space to create big pictures. The BenQ MP Short-Throw Series Projectors prove that distance is not an issue when it comes to getting the big picture.
Added Technology

The fun doesn’t end there. Here are even more reasons to enjoy the BenQ Short Throw series.
Revolutionary BrilliantColor™ Technology
Get images so vibrant and bright with the BrilliantColor™ technology. Working with the multi-segment color wheels, this revolutionary technology enables more than 50% brightness increase in mid-tone colors, making images more precisely rendered than ever.
Wall Color Correction
BenQ has studied the world’s most commonly used paint colors and developed easy-to-use wall color correction technology to ensure outstanding image quality on all surfaces, even blackboards. Who said you must have a projection screen to get the best color?!

Lamp Life Performance
Enjoy a lamp life performance of up to 4000 hours – twice the lamp life expectancy of average projector lamps on the market. This feature lowers the number of lamp changes and keeps all maintenance to a minimum.

Powerful Speakers
Video game enjoyment will be twice as fun with two built-in 5W speakers. Experience the intensity of powerful 3D surround sound with the MP512 ST.

HDMI Multi-Functional Connections
The MP512 ST provides convenient audio/video connection to anything in the digital world allowing users to enjoy their favorite video games on an amazing big screen.

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BenQ Goes Green with New High-Definition LCD Monitors

With 16:9 aspect ratio fast becoming the new global standard among panel manufacturers, BenQ continues to distinguish its brand from the competition with innovation and industry-leading technologies that today include “ultra-green” 16:9 High Definition 720p models for reduced environmental impact and enhanced cost-performance.

The company’s latest LCD monitors – the BenQ E900HD and G900HD feature popular 16:9 format for superior display of HD content as well as a unique 2-lamp design that still emits the bright 300 nits (The candela per square metre {cd/m²} is the SI unit of luminance; nit is a non-SI name) of 4-lamp models, all while saving substantial energy and greatly lessening carbon dioxide and mercury emissions.

These two new models complement BenQ’s HD 16:9 LCD Monitor Series to be released in the Philippines this October, and transplant HD visual enjoyment from living room to desktop gaming, work, and video watching.
Greener is Simply Better
The glossy black BenQ E900HD and silver, black BenQ G900HD LCD monitors not only resonate BenQ’s leadership in visual display with the latest 16:9 format and smart user essentials, but also reflect BenQ’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

The risks and impacts caused by global warming over the last decades have greatly concerned the international community. Environmentalists around the world have gone to great lengths to effectively create awareness on alarming issues such as carbon dioxide reduction and energy conservation.

BenQ – as a global citizen and an eager participant in making the earth a better place to live – is more than ready to do its part.

The BenQ team has designed an exclusive energy-saving technology in developing its latest 18.5” LCD monitor – replacing the traditional four-lamp apparatus with two without affecting the brightness of the monitor screen. BenQ’s 2-lamp design features several benefits over conventional 4-lamp displays.

The BenQ 18.5″ LCD Monitor models still maintain a 300-nits brightness and 10,000:1 DCR (dynamic contrast ratio), but use only 30W total power.

The 10000:1 DCR technology help review even the finest detail especially in darkened and complex motion pictures, providing you with clearer, smoother image during movies and video games.

Through this technology, BenQ LCD Monitor users can cut down power consumption by 25% and decrease carbon dioxide by 25%.

With these new models, BenQ demonstrate how enjoyment extends far beyond hardware and technology, but to the natural world as well.

With BenQ’s new low-energy, low-emission LCD Monitor models, we hope to set the trend not only for 16:9 format, but social and environmental responsibility.

Expanding HD Enjoyment Everywhere
Among the offerings of BenQ’s new 16:9 HD Series LCD Monitors, the new E and G 18.5″ models nonetheless unify today’s digital lifestyle enjoyment by expanding HD viewing application from limited living room use to boundless possibilities in the study, office, classroom, bedroom, kitchen, and more.

A common native resolution used in HD Ready LCD TV panels is 1366 x 768 pixels instead of the ATSC Standard 1280 x 720 pixels. This is due to maximization of manufacturing yield and resolution of VGA, VRAM that comes with a 768 pixel format. Hence, LCD manufacturers adopt the 16:9 ratio compatible for the HD Ready 1080p video standard.

If you have content in 16:9 format and you want to project it onto a 16:10 or 4:3 monitor, your image won’t be able to fill the whole screen. You’ll see two black bands above and below the picture. You can choose to distort your picture, or else zoom in a little to fill up the entire space, but those aren’t very satisfactory workarounds

With the new BenQ monitors, all multimedia, work and gaming applications are beautifully displayed via a smooth 5ms response time, 720p high definition.

Image quality is also rendered flawless with an ultra-high 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio that intensifies blacks to reveal subtle dark details in superb definition.

Both models of BenQ feature convenient D-Sub input and DVI-D with HDCP. The E900HD further features headphone jack and integrated speakers.

Both BenQ models – the BenQ E900HD and G900HD LCD monitors are Vista Premium certified.

The BenQ Group is currently comprised of 12 companies that operate independently while sharing resources and leveraging synergies among them. BenQ Corporation, a leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices, is a multi-faceted company with strengths in mobile communications, visual display and network convergence technologies. BenQ offers unrivalled breadth and depth of products and integrating technologies across platforms through the brand promise of “Enjoyment Matters”. In a short span of only six years, BenQ has received global recognition with 183 top international design awards for the successful blending of subtle minimalism with touches of luxury. BenQ extracts the essence of Asian design fluidity and infuses it with modern technology and thus has created an elegant design that’s totally unique to BenQ.

BenQ monitors and projectors are distributed and serviced by Astech Pengson Distributors Incorporated a company that has been offering quality products and services for more than 30years in the Philippines.

BenQ has recently appointed Astech Penson Distributors Incorporated as its distibutor for BenQ LCD monitors.

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