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Trade in your old TV for a Brico Flat LCD TV

Trade in your old TV for a Brico Flat LCD TV

Are you tired of your old, clunky TV but do not have the budget to buy a sleek, flat LCD TV? Or are you wishing to own the latest high tech LCD TV but don’t know what to do with your old TV? British Continental Philippines has solved your TV blues for you.

The company which distributes UK made LCD TVs in the local market is offering a unique Christmas promo. Customers can trade in their old TVs in exchange for Brico LCD TVs.

Trade in any brand or size of television sets and get brand new Brico LCD TVs plus have a holiday bonus of discounted prices by as much as 50%.

The Brico LCD TV Christmas promo is good until supplies last.

Brico LCD TVs enjoy a loyal following in the UK for its handcrafted finish, high technology features and the customization options made available to its customers.

For more information, you may drop by at their showroom at 101 First Midland Condominium 109 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati with telephone 6664191 or mobile number 09178531277


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British company launches BRICO LCD TV

Early this year, the LCD TV of British Continental (Brico) was quietly launched into the local market. With its no-frills, classic lines and high tech components, the product attracted clients, who really know quality LCD TV, for its unobtrusive yet elegant features.

In a world of LCD TV mass production, British Continental stands out for being different. For the past 20 years, the low key U.K. corporation has built a successful business manufacturing LCD TVs anchored on customization. This business approach has resulted in a loyal following among select clientele in Europe.
Customization means that a client may specify the type and color of frames that his LCD TV may have either for a bedroom or a multi-room usage. Skilled craftsmen and engineers make this possible since all Brico LCD TVs are handcrafted and hand-finished.

William Morrison, production supervisor of Brico UK who works at the West Drayton (west of London) production facility describes the process of customization.

He says, “We specialize in customization. The TV we make is based on an upgradable platform. We first manufacture the shell of the TV. This is made individually by our craftsman according to the design and specification of our clients. Once the shell is done the electric components are installed and assembled by our technician with the shell to make the finished product. It takes five working days to complete the process.”

Quality control is implemented in three stages. First, visual inspection is done to ensure that all the specifications and details are made according to the plan, and to examine for any defects or flaws in workmanship. Second, all electronic switches and connections are tested one by one to check if these are functioning properly. And lastly, the LCD TV is played for one whole working day to check image quality and stability over a long period of time.

Morrison says that there are only seventeen people in their plant but all are well trained. Junior technicians are mentored by a senior technician for apprenticeship and training until such time they are confident and are able to master the skill to perfection. The 45 year old engineer emphasizes, “Experience is still and always the best way to improve a skill. With the help of our research and development department, we are also updated on the latest trend and technology available in the market.”

Morrison who has a degree in engineering and management of manufacturing systems has been working for Brico for four years. He admits he enjoys his job immensely. “I am always fascinated with high tech gadgetry and my job allows me to experience all this first hand.” He is such a technophile that even in his free time he tinkers with his computer keeping track of what’s new in the techno world.

For more information about Brico LCD TV and its customization contact British Continental Philippines at its service center at 43 Scout Madrinan, South Triangle, Quezon City with telephone 4112810 and fax 4118753 or drop by its showroom at 101 First Midland Condominium 109 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati with telephone 6664191 or mobile number 09178531277. Visit their website at

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