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Doing homework with Google’s help

Gone are the days when Filipino students struggle to search for answers to their school assignments from textbooks and libraries. With the evolution of Internet search, students now have access to unlimited information, be it the definition of geography to the achievements of Filipino scientists. Where before they would crack open an encyclopedia or purchase an almanac, Filipinos are now turning to the Web to get the answers they need.

Google search trends show what Filipinos consistently search for during a given period. Not surprisingly, searches in June reveal what goes on in Filipino students’ minds as they work on their school assignments with the help of Google Search. It also gives unique insights into how our country’s education curriculums are structured, and how our teachers introduce new topics to their classes.
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Google Invites Pinoys to “Map Your Precinct” on Google Map Maker

Google is inviting Filipinos across the country to map their voting centers via a “Map Your Precinct” tool that will help voters get to their assigned polling station on Election Day, May 10, 2010. The “Map Your Precinct” campaign relies on the volunteer efforts of Filipinos who are encouraged to tag the locations of the voting centers they are familiar with on Google Map Maker, Google’s online map-editing tool. The tool can be accessed at

The tool started out as a 20% project by Dan Delima, a Filipino Google engineer who has seen firsthand Filipinos’ enthusiasm in using Google Map Maker. Having heard that designated polling stations may change for many voters this year due to precinct clustering, Dan decided to build a tool that harnesses the knowledge of the Pinoy community to make voting center information more accessible to Filipinos.
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