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TNS Digital Life 2012 confirms higher reach of digital versus radio and print

TNS, the world’s leading custom research company, announced the results of its global study, TNS Digital Life 2012. Covering 93 percent of the world’s online population through interviews with 72,000 consumers in 60 countries, including the Philippines, the study presented the most comprehensive findings on people’s online activities and behavior.

The TNS Digital Life 2012 revealed that 54% of Filipinos say they have ever used the internet. The study found that Internet usage is greatest among Filipinos aged 34 and below, with the younger age groups having had very recent online access. A total of 85% of Filipinos aged 16 to 20 years old have accessed the Internet within the past four weeks, followed by 74% of Filipinos between the ages 21 to 24 years old. More males were also seen accessing the Internet at 58% compared to females at 52%.
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