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Trend Micro recognizes Affinity Platinum Partners in 2012 Partner Day

(Front L-R) Mr. Alfred Tong, Managing Director , Equicom Inc., Mr. Goh Chee Hoh, Managing Director—Asia South Region, Trend Micro, Mr. Eugene Ang, Vice President, Creative Technologies, (Back, L-R) Mr. Peter Lingatong, VMWare group Head, Equicom Inc., Mr. Jefferson Lat, Country Sales Manager, Trend Micro, Mr Jacob Dy, Vice President, Creative Technologies and Mr. Jefferson Dy, Vice President, Creative Technologies.

Leading cloud security provider Trend Micro recently recognized two of the biggest names in the local IT distribution industry as their Affinity Platinum Partners—Creative Technologies Inc. and Equicom Inc. The Affinity Platinum Partnership enables Trend Micro to provide support, resources, and rewards to build stronger relationships with its partners.

“Creative Technologies and Equicom are two companies that have been partners with Trend Micro Philippines for long a long time . They helped us expand our customer base while maintaining existing ones.They are key in elevating our success, which is why we are honoring them in our 2012 Partner Day. We are looking forward to working with them in the coming years as we continue our mission of securing our customers’ journey to the cloud,” said Jefferson Lat, Trend Micro-Philippines country sales manager. “Moreover, we’re working towards having more recognized partners like Creative Technologies and Equicom in the future,” Lat added.

INFOCHAT: Trend Micro recognizes Affinity Platinum Partners in 2012 Partner Day

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