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PH top country curious on same-sex marriage, online searches reveal

Tagged as the wedding month, June is also celebrated for Gay Pride commemorating the historic StoneWall riots that happened in the 1960s. Violence against the GLBT exists even in many forms but gay pride continues to put color in various fields such as entertainment, arts and sciences. On Monday, Google doodle paid tribute to Alan Turing–father of computer science who helped in WWII success but later tortured for being a homosexual.

Furthermore, Insights for Search shows that the Philippines had shown interest on the Internet regarding same-sex marriage. Google Insights for Search shows that Filipino netizens rank 1st worldwide in terms of searching about same-sex marriage and related queries such as “marriage laws”, “gay rights” and “gay marriage states.” To date, the Philippines remains to be a dominantly Catholic country by 82% of the population.
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