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ASUS VivoBook S550 Now Available in the Philippines

The new ASUS S550, the Ultrabook that combines performance with more storage and media options with an attractive pric, is now available in the Philippines. The S550 features an exquisite luxurious design, perfect for everyone. Packed with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, it makes itself perfect for high-portability daily computing and entertainment. Significantly, it offers fast-response hybrid SSD/hard drive storage and an optical drive. Moreover, customers will enjoy a solid back-assembled keyboard and the intuitive Smart Gesture touchpad for a more user-friendly experience, and Super Hybrid Engine II-based 2-second instant on resume.
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Happy 40th year microprocessor!

Intel 4004

Forty years ago, the first microprocessor Intel 4004 was born. Ten years older than the personal computer, the 4004 was not very powerful. It was primarily used to perform simple mathematical operations in a calculator called “Busicom.”

Nowadays, modern microprocessors can perform extremely sophisticated operations in areas such as meteorology, aviation, nuclear physics and engineering, and take up much less space as well as delivering superior performance.
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