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HP Introduces Redesigned Pavilion Consumer Notebook PCs

HP recently unveiled Pavilion notebook PCs that delight users with new styles and enhanced features.
The updated consumer notebook PCs reflect HP’s new Mosaic design approach, ensuring that each HP notebook, while individually unique, breathes a common design DNA.
The Mosaic approach is an extension of the MUSE (materials, usability, sensory appeal and experience) design philosophy, introduced in May 2010. The MUSE design philosophy includes a mix of materials such as metals, alloys and plastics; easy-to-use features for improved usability; a blend of artisan elements for sensory appeal; and intuitive features for simple experiences.
Mosaic fuses together the multifaceted elements of MUSE, including rich colors, premium materials and purposeful shapes, to form one comprehensive design language that spans the consumer notebook portfolio. Similar to a mosaic art piece, each HP notebook line represents a small piece of the canvas that, when combined, builds into a beautiful picture of the HP product family.

HP Pavilion g-series notebook PCs – Simple yet Distinct
The redesigned HP Pavilion g4 feature curved, beveled edges with elements of precision. A bowl-shape keyboard deck and textured touchpad with bowl-set curvature further define the series’ distinct form. There are three color options available – sparkling black, winter blue and ruby red(1).

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