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Happy 40th year microprocessor!

Intel 4004

Forty years ago, the first microprocessor Intel 4004 was born. Ten years older than the personal computer, the 4004 was not very powerful. It was primarily used to perform simple mathematical operations in a calculator called “Busicom.”

Nowadays, modern microprocessors can perform extremely sophisticated operations in areas such as meteorology, aviation, nuclear physics and engineering, and take up much less space as well as delivering superior performance.
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HP Introduces Expanded 3D Portfolio

HP, a pioneer in immersive display technology, has unveiled a new portfolio of 3D innovations for consumers. The new HP TouchSmart620 3D Edition PC and 2311gt 3D LCD monitor will bring the thrill of 3D entertainment to life and let users enjoy an expanded realm of 3D experiences all within their home environment.

“We’re enhancing the different aspects of the 3D experience, from introducing the new entertainment experience on the TouchSmart620 3D Edition PC, to display technologies for presenting 3D content,” said Albert Mateo, country general manager, Personal Systems Group, HP Philippines.
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