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iEnjoy iOS5

Apple has always been regarded as one of the most loved brands worldwide. With the recent launch of the iOS5, Apple’s most extensive software upgrade for its mobile devices, admiration for the brand has definitely grown bigger, showing its legion of fans that even to this day, innovation is what drives its huge success.

As expected, users of iOS5, who now enjoy over 200 new features in their favorite Apple device, are all-praises about this latest masterpiece. Its most notable features include the iCloud, a free service that automatically keeps all your Apple devices updated with your documents, apps, calendars, mail, contacts and so much more. iOS5 comes with free 5GB of online storage for all users.
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Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Globe Telecom, Technology


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You’re on with Globe: Taking mobile internet to the next level

These days, what are you more likely to leave behind: your wallet or your mobile phone? Better yet, can you remember what life was like before mobile phones?

With technology moving at supersonic speed, the mobile phone has definitely evolved to fill many needs. And these changes have not just made life easier, but also more interesting and exciting. Gone are the days when your mobile phone is only capable of sending text messages, making calls, or composing ring tones.
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