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Smart unveils a more exciting SmartNet

A new version of SmartNet, the groundbreaking suite of mobile applications developed by wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), is now available on the Google Play online store, bringing in tow free access to Yahoo! Services.

According to Smart Head for Product Development for Internet Services Mitch Padua, the new and improved SmartNet now includes free use of Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! OMG.

“The new SmartNet is a game-changer—not only can Smart subscribers access Facebook and Twitter feeds for free, but they can now also enjoy Yahoo!’s amazing free web services,” Padua said.

The new version of SmartNet is also available for feature phone users on WAP and Mobile Web. Just open your mobile browser and go to

Similar to its previous iterations, SmartNet offers users free access to Facebook and Twitter via the app’s built-in Social Feeds menu. Even with only a minimum maintaining balance of P1, users will be able to check, post, and share status updates.

The SmartNet suite also includes free access to Headlines, Smart’s homegrown news aggregator which combines the latest stories from the most popular blogs and websites.

The updated version will also be made available soon on iOS and Windows 7 devices.

“SmartNet enables users to maximize their phones’ capabilities as they experience using mobile Internet on the Philippines’ first and only super-charged mobile network—all without fear of racking up unexpected data charges or ‘bill shock,” Padua said.

Padua refers to SmartNet’s built-in “Safe Browse” feature which can be activated by clicking on the “Internet” button on the SmartNet widget.

With “Internet Off” enabled, Smart susbcribers can make use of the safe browsing capabilities of Smartnet which will permit Internet-capable smart phones to access SmartNet and other whitelisted sites of Smart for free.

“Live More and Live Worry-free only from Smart,” Padua ended.

Smart, together with parent company PLDT, has more than 54,000kms of fiber optic cables nationwide connecting essential infrastructure such as cellsites and base stations to its core network. Smart has over four times more “Fiber Power” than any of its competitors enabling the company to deliver light speed connectivity where and when subscribers need it most.

To know more about SmartNet  go to or download the app on your device via

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Smart pushes data usage innovation to drive cellular growth

Rising mobile data usage will power continued growth for leading wireless operator Smart Communications even as the cellular penetration rate approaches 100 percent in the second half of 2012. But this surge will come in the form of many “tiny bites of the Internet,” top Smart officials say.

In the first quarter of this year, mobile Internet usage of Smart subscribers surged by 71 percent versus a year ago.
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Smart expands bestselling Unli Social Plan 349

Moving up to postpaid and getting on the smartphone ‘bandwagon’ is now easier than ever. Wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart ) has expanded its bestselling Unli Social Plan 349 to include two new smartphones — the Netphone 501 and the Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

One of the telco’s fastest-growing and best-selling postpaid variants, the Unli Social Plan 349 allows subscribers to send an unlimited number of text messages to more than 50 million Smart or Talk ‘N Text numbers anywhere in the country. They can do this at any time of the day, without ever having to register, at only P349 per month.
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All you want for Christmas is a Netphone

If you’re looking for the perfect phone this Christmas, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t go for a Netphone from Smart. From the hardware to the software and from the plans to the packages, the Smart Netphone makes for a great gift for yourself or for your loved ones. Here are some of the reasons why:

It has SmartNet
What sets the Netphone apart from any other smartphone in the world is SmartNet suite of applications. With it, users can enjoy unique services such as Social Feeds which lets you read and post Twitter and Facebook updates for free* and Netphone-to-Netphone messaging which lets you chat with other SmartNet users to your heart’s content.
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